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Point Reyes National Seashore and beyond
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Joey Heusler
certified Naturalist, certified Nature and Forest Therapy guide

Still, what I want in my life, is to be willing, to be dazzled, to cast aside the weight of facts.

Mary Oliver


 Joey Heusler

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Joey is a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide with the Association for Nature and Forest Therapy guides and programs (ANFT).


Joey guides Forest Bathing walks in Marin County and beyond, to bring participants into a place of stillness where a deeper connection with the natural world and a greater sense of well-being becomes possible.


Joey is also a California certified naturalist and a certified naturalist with the American Cetacean Society.  She collaborates with a local kayak company and organizes and guides annual kayak adventures to Baja; to the blue whale triangle in the Sea of Cortez, and to the breeding lagoons of the gray whales.  

Joey Heusler

certified Naturalist, certified Nature and Forest Therapy guide

Marin County

California, USA

(415) 302-7795


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