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   Whale Camp! 

This winter I am feeling called to bring whale lovers to Laguna San Ignacio, one of the largest and most remote breeding lagoons of the gray whales. 

After I had an unforgettable time with the gray whales in these lagoons last year, I decided to organize a trip to bring other whale lovers to this incredible place.

There truly is nothing like an immersion into the sanctuary of the gray whales, the lagoons where they give birth and nurse their young.


We start and end our journey in Loreto.  After spending a magical night at San Ignacio Springs (a desert oasis by the San Ignacio River), we will stay at the lagoons for 3 nights, to relax and be present in this place where the desert meets the sea.  

We will sleep in simple wooden cabins at the edge of the water, eat wonderfully prepared local food in a comfortable palapa, and we will have several outings into the lagoon to engage with the whales and to meet their offspring. 


It is impossible to predict what will happen with wildlife, but my personal experience makes me feel certain, that whatever will unfold will be absolutely amazing and life-changing. 


This place at the edge of the desert and surrounded by salt flats is very different from the birthing lagoons of Magdalena Bay,  the more accessible lagoons a bit further south you might have visited before.  

At Laguna San Ignacio you will be far away from any town or village and you will be staying in an Eco - Camp run by locals. 

You will be surrounded by desert, sky, and water and the only sounds you will hear are the cries of ospreys, the waves, the wind,  - and whales breathing.  You will become a part of this place and you will grasp an understanding of the desert whales while you share space with them in their seasonal home.

The lagoons are a protected whale sanctuary and kayaking or swimming is not allowed here.  We will take small motorized boats ( pangas) on the water driven by fishermen who know these waters and the whales well,  often intimately, and since childhood. 


This trip is from February 10 - February 16,  2024.  On the last day of the trip we will be in Loreto and we will have one more adventure:  A trip into the Sea of Cortez in search of Blue Whales, or a land based tour exploring some of the natural history of this place ( the choice of activity is dependent on the weather).


The price for the guided trip is $1900, including all accommodations 2/10-2/16, most meals/drinks, and all transportation, starting the evening of February 10 until the afternoon of February 16.

In order to keep this trip intimate, the maximum number of participants is limited to 12  

If you are interested please contact me with any questions.   


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