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   Deep into Nature

 with Joey

 Summer  Camp

All children are dropped off and picked up at a central location in Southern or Central Marin.

Each day we will spend ample time exploring and experiencing together.  These times of nature immersion and joyful discovery are largely interest-driven and there is no particular agenda.   

Mostly we will explore nature through our senses, inquire, observe and learn from each other and through our partnership with the natural world.  Each day will include a time set aside for journaling, yoga, and nature art activities to deepen the experience. 

     Goals for each child are to develop a deeper connection to the natural world, and to experience empathy and kindness for themselves, each other, and for the more than human world.

     Summer 2021:

     Session one:

     June 14 - June 18

     Session two:


     August 23 - 27

     Price: $475  ( full day)

                 $375  (3/4day)


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